We are delighted and honored to be part of a network of teachers and trainers who are taking Voice Dialogue  into the world.

Our collaboration as a couple brings a great deal of inspiration and hope to those who have trained with us.

M. Dorsey Cartwright, M.Ed., LPC, LMFT, CCMHC, CIRT (Certified Imago Relationship Therapist & Workshop presenter, www.ImagoWorks.com):

I have been a practicing psychotherapist since 1975. I began training with Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone in 1987 and joined their staff in 1991.  I developed International Voice Dialogue Teacher's Training Manual, 1992.   Later that year, with Dr. Bill Crawford, I created, Healing Your Relationships through Voice Dialogue and Imago Relationship Therapy, an audiotape series.  As an Imago Relationship Therapist, I have found Voice Dialogue vital in my clients discovering who in them is “Dialoguing the Dialogue” and being able to return to intentionality.

A. Neil Meili, published poet, storyteller, business executive and writing workshop leader:

I fell  in love with Voice Dialogue as well as with Dorsey in romantic Kauai, have completed  Level II/III training with the Stones and assisted at their training in Cape Cod. My use of this work in the business world adds to the applications we teach.  I have also published a number of poetry books including Shrinking heads; Expanding hearts: the psychology poems, which contains many Voice Dialogue & Imago poems and The secret life of icebergs, which includes a Voice Dialogue Bonding Pattern poem. Some of my poems may be found in the Imago Keeper’s  Deepening the Conscious Self, An Advanced Tool Kit for working with Couples, Individuals and Groups.  (CD)

Together we have trained therapists, often with their partners, in Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, California, and exotic Mykonos, Greece. In 2003 we co-presented at The Psychotherapy Networker Symposium in Washington, DC and The Israeli Marriage and Family Conference near Tel Aviv.  In 2004, our focus has been training therapists in Austin, TX., our new home, as well as conducting two trainings in Maryland.

We have discovered that being aware of our many selves and using the Voice Dialogue method adds a tremendous sense of safety, fun, good will, and creativity to our relationship. We are delighted to bring this process to others. Neil & Dorsey