(Voice Dialogue)

Although it may not be apparent to you

the non apparent parent in you

is more than apparent to me

Although to be perfectly fair

it's not likely I'll mess with a hair

as long as you're taking good care

But when it gets too big for its thighs

when it starts to guilt and to criticize

Something will change in a blink of our eyes

and it'll be fighting with something its size

Even though it may not be apparent to me

I'm gonna go running to the parent in me

If I tell my Dad he'll have something to say


if I tell my Mom there'll be hell to pay

Neil Meili 2004

Imago Love

And there shall come forth
a new way to love

And the turtle
shall lie down with the lion

And the claw
shall be in the closet
and the shell upon the shelf

And the wound
of the child will lead them
home to the promised land

Neil Meili 2003

When the Storms Came

When the storms came

and I started them I hid

When the storms came

and you started them I ran

When the storms came

and the world started them

I ran to you and hid

A. Neil Meili  2002


She has reels upon reels in her mind

and a bright light further back in her head

and in a little theatre on a screen that is me

she plays films of her father who’s dead

And the flickering light makes it real

and we soon forget it’s a movie again

as we both get caught by the action

and those magnets of fear and of pain

But sometimes I hear an outside sound

and start to remember and look around

And I try to get her to stop the movie

and awake to the pain of this dreaming

Or more often in the dark I just panic

and run from the theatre screaming.

Neil Meili


When it comes to becoming butterflies

only one rule applies

Nothing hard may be taken

For the caterpillar packing

for beauty and flight

Nothing hard may be taken

For she must first become liquid

and only then light

Nothing hard may be taken

By Neil Meili 2002

Big Boys

The deep sadness

The red anger place

The hang on tight we

may end up in the next county passion

All hidden behind the great wall of control

That terrible land where I locked

The little boy who could cry

And if I open the door to one of these

Will they come bursting out

And with what years

of  built up force behind them

I know big boys don’t cry

I don’t remember why

Would they die?

by Neil Meili


Sometimes I'm strong enough

to fight the other man and win

Sometimes I'm strong enough

to keep all my feelings in

Sometimes I'm strong enough

that I don't get to play

Sometimes I'm strong enough

to push your love away

Sometimes, yes sometimes, I think

I'm only as weak as my strongest link

by Neil Meili

It’s A Guy Thing

Narcissus stared into the water till he died

Locked into the image of his pride

Trying to embrace it made it fly

Teardrops spoil it if he’d cry

No thirst would make him think

To soil it with his lips to drink

Self love was not the nymph’s dire curse

But love of image which is much much worse.

by Neil Meili

Many Lives, One Life Time

(poem for neil)

Aircraft pilot,cowboy poet
Realtor,performance poet

Healer,haiku poet
Canadian/Texan poet
Bi-cultural biped poet
Laughing ,joyfilled happy poet.
Another cycle round the sun-
another lifetime in one lifeline!
May it be longer than your poems
Always with a twist
in the last

THOM the World Poet ~ April 25,2003