From Imago Therapists who have experienced our trainings:


"Barbara and I attended a three day training with Dorsey Cartwright on Voice Dialogue and we both found it extremely helpful.  It is a perfect fit with Imago Therapy and another way to deepen the work.  Dorsey is a fabulous trainer.  Clear, boundaried and empathic.  She facilitated Barbara and me in a demo and I was so impressed with her skill."  Maya Kollman, Master Trainer, New Jersey, USA


"Voice Dialogue and Imago Relationship Therapy really enrich and complement one another. Dorsey and Neil, you were great! You really gave it your all!"  Susan Villet, MS, LPC, CIRT France


"Two areas that I find Voice Dialogue especially helpful. One is when a couple is really struck in the power struggle I know they are caught in a particular self (or cluster of selves) - often when I work with that self,  I can then  move them back into more conscious dialoguing. The other is working directly with developmental needs - knowing a person's essence is the vulnerable child and the character structure is the various primary selves that develop at each stage to protect and try to get the child's needs met. I can now talk directly with those protectors;  helping the client be more conscious of and at choice in how they take care of their vulnerabilities." 

Maryrita Weiner MA, LPC, CIRT, Washington, DC, USA


"Voice Dialogue quickly engages another consciousness and gets one out of the analytical head or reactive self smoothly.  For therapists it is a wonderful tool to help with the defenses and gain insight.  For couples, it's non-threatening.  This is one of the most powerful and transformational experiences I've ever had both personally and professionally."

   Georgina Webster, MSW, CSW, Advanced Imago Clinician, New York, USA


"My most significant learning was primarily about myself and my 'bonding patterns.' I learned that Voice Dialogue is a very gentle and powerful method that integrates and complements Imago work very effectively. The training is a very special opportunity to quietly learn what will be of durable personal importance for now, and for future years.   Allow yourself a gift that will enable you to embrace the gifts existent in all your selves."   Sam Lison, MS, CIRT, Israel


"I was immediately able to use what I had learned with my clients. This

was the most useful training I have been to in years."

Ann Dobbertin, LCSW-C, CIRT, Maryland, USA


"Hi Folks, we want to thank you all for the wonderful experience learning the Voice-Dialogue in Chicago. We used the voice dialogue this week in different therapy sessions, Eveline in Single therapy, I in Imago and the results were really amazing. Also in our relationship we used it and it brings us another piece of clearness and nearness. So, you see, we start to be real Voice Dialogue fans." Eveline Eichmann and Klaus Brehm, CIRTS, Austria


"The technique felt laser sharp at identifying inner conflicts. Tuning up or down the dial for a particular voice was a soothing way to empower and achieve self-acceptance. I also enjoyed watching Dorsey work with a couple: it was helpful in modeling how to do this. Voice Dialogue is fascinating and remarkably experiential.  I loved Neil's poems, and it was a pleasure to watch the two of you co-create a wonderful experience for our group. I learned a lot from the two of you." 

Linda K. Seeman, Ph.D., CIRT, Virginia, USA


"Voice Dialogue fits very well with Imago Therapy. When one partner is

blocked, Voice Dialogue frees them to feel more respect for themselves and

their partners." - Marjorie Hill, CIRT, Denmark


"Dorsey Cartwright in combination with Voice Dialogue creates a powerful therapeutic experience with both positive and permanent results."  Pat Love, Ed.D. Master Trainer, Texas


"I  have been using the Voice Dialogue and have found it very helpful, even amazing! I continue to be held by the insights I gained from my own facilitation. My clients are enthusiastic as well. Thanks, Dorsey and Neil, it was great training!" Alice Carlton, LCSW, CIRT, North Carolina, USA